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Unfortunately this is very vague: I was testing DND on a Windows 2003 Server with Terminal Services and after editing one drive-entry the window didn't respond anymore. I opened task manager and noticed three instances of dndclient.exe (one for every terminal session) and the frozen instance was consuming about 150mb RAM.

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Dear noz,

Multiple instances are generally ok, it's a GUI client-side process. However consuming 150 mb of RAM is of course not ok.
We are now trying to reproduce your problem...
Windows 03 Server with TS, DND running and we can't cause freezing or huge memory consuming.
Can you check C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\DirectNetDrive\dnd_client.log file? Maybe that could give us some information what's going on...
And... is your account (the one you run dndclient.exe that has frozen) limited in rights?

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Re: Bug Reports

Dear Sirs,
nice product, i tested it on two win7 64 de installations with all hotfixes installed and a qnap ts-809 withh latest firmware rel.
if i try to copy some files from the qnap it worked fine, except the file date is always changed to 01.10.1601.
what is wrong there?? any ideas the way from pc to the qnap is fine without date changing....
best regards

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second info:
same happened with a ftp connection. in case of the other direction we got on the qnap a today date instead of
not the original file date. the qnap supports the ftp filedate change commands...
best regards wolfgang


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New Bug: error: "502 Bad Gateway" - i am getting this error when trying to create a new folder in WebDav drive via Windows Explorer. Is anyone able to perform this task? or ran into this situation?

please advice.


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I used a program: DriveNet Drive
when it starts; it wants to connect to a site in russia!!.
I wonder if it is collecting private data since nowhere in their site; says anything about connecting to other web sites in a hidden way!
any idea? thank you.
Is the source code available for inspection.
I like it and would like to recommend it to users; but if it is collecting user's info; then it's dangerous!!
But before posting to users about this situation; i would like to know what do you say about it.


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Dear mike,

Thank you for using DirectNet Drive.

DirectNet Drive connects site via http at startup to check for a new version. Most of the software does so. It's just normal. DirectNet Drive collects no user data at all.


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Hi DirectNet Drive,

Interesting product!

I installed on w7/64-bit and mounted a webdav connection (sabredav server) via https/port 443 successfully.

Though when editing office files and saving from within the respective office application, for example word, it was not possible.

I created a txt-file for test and it was possible to edit and save. But after editing the file name to special characters "?land...txt" then everything hung up.

Any plans on making the software more stable?

Will editing office files via webdav be supported ahead?

- T2


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Compared with an other commercial product with can also map a local drive and has also a free home use (I do not put here the name, since you also have a commercial product, but I am sure, you know what I refer too. Version is 1.2.04), there are some difference. Perhaps it is possible to add the good functions?

The Pros of DirectNet Drive are:
* Little faster in directory listing
* automatic detection of UTF-8
* cache-concept
* to copy folders with special characters in its name like # only works sometime

The Pros of the other software product are:
* more stable
* I can delete folders with special characters like + and # in name
* there is a monitoring function (which is not working stable)
* free choose between >50 encoding formats

I hope, that you


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Not sure if this is a bug, or if I am still doing something wrong. I assume the "Path" field in the connection screen is for mapping the connection to a specific subdirectory on the FTP server. I have tried every variant of a path I can think of, but it always connects to the "Root" as assigned by the FTP server.

For example, if my root had the following directories:


...and the web directory had a sub of "css", and that is the directory I want to map the drive letter to, here are all the ways I have entered it into the Path field on DirectNet Drive:



Did I miss one?


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Dear Troy,

Thank you for using DirectNet Drive.

Your problem seems to be indeed a bug. We are going to study 'rooting' with different ftp servers, there still might be some incompatibilities. To help us, can you please turn on FTP logs and send the erroneous ones to us (support at

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The directnet log file grows to huge dimensions and fills up my C: partition.

In two or three days the file had grown to 1.9 GB. I have no idea why or how this happens. When one sees the trouble the file is just too big to be opened in any application.  In the worst case I remember it having grown to about 10 GB.

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directnet drive service fail to start - verify that u have sufficient privilege to start.

- directnet driver v1.2.5 or v1.2.3
- win2k sp4 (32bit), login as administrator to install

pls advise

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Great product, I've tested it in our usage scenario for the last 2 weeks and it consistently outperforms Webdrive.

However, I have 2 issues -

1.  There's absolutely no contact information for support.  No phone number, no address.

2.  Pricing is messed up.  When I go to purchase 50 licenses, the price correctly shows as $14/copy, but when I go to the next screen the price is $16/copy for a quantity of 50. 



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Hi, this product seems very promising for our needs, except that it doesn't save an Excel 2003 document correctly. From the filezilla server logs I see that there is a RNFR and RNTO command and the RNTO command tries to save to a file that already exists. I think it's pretty easy to check this in directnetdrive. Just delete the existing file on the ftp server if it exists before storing the actual file.

Could this be achieved? This is the only thing from keeping us to purchase a ~400 client license.

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I use Direct NET drive mount a WebDAV site on Z:
when I copy a directory(many files) to the site,
one monent, the Direct NET drive show too many connct and interrupt the copy,
could Direct NET drive can modify the max number on connect?


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There is a very severe bug. When "cut"ing an FTP folder and "past"ing it onto another FTP folder, the software (correctly) translates it into RNFR/RNTO pair. But while RNTO's path argument is correct, RNFR's is not. It's the parent of the correct one.
So if cutting, say, /f1/f2, the software issues "RNFR /f1" instead of "RNFR /f1/f2". This one is very simple to fix and must be fixed quickly, because it can cause crashes. By the way, windows explorer FTP client disallows those "internal" cut/copy/past operations all together.

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First of all, I like this skin very much!:)

Secondly, my biggest heartache is the incorrect disk size problem. It shows 512 GB free and 0 used space, but that's not true. I have tried it with many providers' webdav service, but it doesn't report the free space correctly. Why?
I'd mostly like to use my own WebDav server with Ubuntu and Apache, so if you say it's a server-side problem, just tell me, and I can manage it, modify configuration, etc.

Thirdly, there is no option to automatically reconnect sites on start. Can you please implement it? There should be a checkbox at the foot of the site creation window: Reconnect at startup, so it could be optional per site.

Fourthly, there is a bug in folder management, but it's not important, because I cannot reproduce it now:( I just want to let you know. It happened on several occasions, that I moved a site into a folder, or relocated it, but the site is disappeared. Did anybody report such problem?

Fifthly, the input boxes should be wider, or should be resizeable.

Thank you!


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Great program!

It is apparent that in Windows Task Manager dndclient.exe is leaking memory in increments of 4 kB to +/- 20 kB. This happens as soon as folders are traversed on  the configured drive.  In ten minutes I already have a usage of 60 MB.

Furthermore, it looks to me that it is better to always hide the site options window when the GUI starts up. If all drives are setup correctly, there is no need to change the configuration frequently. It is very annoying to have to close this window each time it appears.

And another one: when a failure happens on an action, it freezes the designated explorer window. In other words, if for example I select a folder and it fails to open, I simply cannot change the view to another local drive or move up in the hierarchy. Windows Explorer rather waits for the failure(s) to close down. The only way to get control back is to manually reset the failure warning(s), which can be a very lenghty process.

Keep up the good work!

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Does somebody read these posts...?

I found another bug: when I create an e.g. 3-level deep folder structure, it cannot be deleted in one step.
Example: I created a folder called "1", and a "2" inside it, and a "3" inside "2".
In Windows Explorer I delete "1", and it disappears. But after a refresh, they're all in place again.



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When uploading larger files to my ftp space, the files get corrupted.
For example a 18 MB WinRar archive cannot be unpacked because of CRC errors.
I have tested this with 2 different ISPs, and also on 2 different OSs (Windows XP and Vista Business 64), no difference.

EDIT: I did some additional tests and noticed, that not uploading but downloading larger files is corrupting them.

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Having a problem opening .zip files

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There's no support anylonger... Admin was last online in year 2011???
I think project DirectNet Drive is dead. sad