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Please give us any valuable information about how DirectNet Drive is used

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I'm evaluating DirectNet Drive on a Windows Server 2008 R2 (with Terminal Services) virtual machine running on VMware ESXi.
DND is used to mount an FTP backup space residing in the same Data Center. The mounted drive is the target of a local database backup, scheduled a few times every day.

This brings me to my questions: I notices DND installed a service. Does this mean the drives are mounted even if no user session is active on the server? Does it matter under which user I configure the drives? The backup service is running under the LOCAL SYSTEM account and needs to find the ftp-drive.

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Dear noz,
Thank you for using DirectNet Drive.

The drive is mounted by the service, however the interactive application (dndclient.exe) commands the service to perform mounting. So an user session should be active on the server.
The drives are currently mapped in the global namespace, meaning they are visible for all the users.
LOCAL SYSTEM account should be able to see the drive.

If you need more technical information please do not hesitate to ask.

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It would be great if the mounting information could be stored in a config file so the service can perform it without any user session active. But for now it should be fine for us.

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A point about mounting drive without user interaction actually exists in our roadmap. This is just not so easy to design as it might seem to be.
One possible way of doing this as we see it is as follows.
1. The user that has administrative rights can specify a site to automount at service start time.
2. Other change is to map the drive (by default) in the local user namespace, i.e. visible only to that one specific user.
3. On the other hand we'll need to provide an option (with administrative privilegies) to mount the drive globally.
4. At the same time this should not overload the user interface.

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For automount I'd like to specifiy a user account and password to run it at service start, including the option to mount it globally for all users.

And maybe if you get rid of the skin the application interface won't look overloaded wink

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I installed DirectNet Drive on Windows 2008 server. I am trying to connect to a FTP site. When I connect from the command prompt or in the Explorer I have no problem with the ftp connection. However when I do the same in the program it gives the error "Access denied to remote resource. Service denied you to change to the given directory." Any idea? Do I need to configure the firewall to let the program access the Internet?


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I am trying to use this to connection to a https webdav site that is using a Self-Signed certificate and I keep getting an error message that states "SSL Error: Certificate Verify failed".

Is there any way to work around this problem?



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Hi all,

I have a somewhat convoluted setup: I access an off-site NAS through In order to map the DynDNS ftps (not supported by MS "Map Network Drive" function) address as a local drive, I use DirectNet drive.

Every couple of minutes I get an error message popping up from the DirectNet application saying: "quote command returned error. Quot string not accepted: MKD /MSIe72a1.tmp"

Does anyone have any idea what this is? I realize it's a MakeDirectory command, and MSI is the MS installer, but no installer is running....