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If you know how to make DirectNet Drive better - let us know


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I'd like to see support for WebDAV file locking and a selection box to choose a free drive letter instead of typing it.

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Dear Larkin,
Thank you for using DirectNet Drive.

Selecting a drive letter instead of typing it will be done until the end of the week. This is a feature we've been planning to add but postponed multiple times.

WebDAV file locking is also a feature requested by some our clients. Would you like to see it like an separate option available in, say, Windows Explorer? Or do you want all the files being retrieved to be locked automatically by DirectNet Drive (not to interfere with parallel writes)?

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Re: Feature requests

Re: Feature requests

Dear noz,
Thank you for your valuable feedback!

1. Unskinned version of DirectNet Drive will be done. However it's on low priority now...
2. Specifying site name as a drive name is actually quite an easy feature. We will include this feature in the next service release.
3. This limitation will be gone in the next service release.
4. Handling limited connections is a necessary feature. However it might take some time to implement this one.


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Please get rid of the ugly skin as a priority and use the Windows Aero or XP standard UI and make it beautiful and features requested by noz especially #2 and #4.


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maybe you can add commands the PRET. My servers all run DRFTPD and unfortunately I can not add this to Netdrive


Re: Feature requests

Re: Feature requests

Dear Corsten,

Regarding FXP it's an extension of FTP that allows to transfer files from one server to another directly, without routing the data to client.

DirectNet Drive is actually a client application. How do you see FXP support can be done in DirectNet Drive? Could you please share your ideas?
One possible way I see right now is that user can mount 2 drives at different servers, and when copying is done this can be optimized for FXP. However this can be done only using DirectNet Drive' own GUI interface, not by Windows Explorer. This is because system (i.e. Windows OS) interprets the mounted drive just like a local hard drive. And disregarding the fact there is optimized copying available Windows will simply do regular read/and/write.

Anyway we would like to hear you opinion about how FXP support can be done in DirectNet Drive.


Re: Feature requests

Re: Feature requests

First of all thanks for great programm!

Feature i want to request is Emulate logical drive, where selected FTP servers are mounted as folders.

So user can use one drive letter for different ftp servers at same time.

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Dear ikovrigin,

Thank you for using DirectNet Drive and for suggestion.
Mounting to a folder rather than a letter can possibly be done. Moreover we used this approach in one of our corporate products. We will add such an option in our future release.


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The DirectNet Drive can report activity if so instructed in the settins. This is a very usefull feature, unfortunately the activity report covers the systray and makes it cumbersome to access it. In addition, if you turn off  the reporting, activities which are already displayed seem to stay there until they are finished.

It would be nice if there was another possibility to see what the DirectNet Drive is doing. E.g. the activity could be displayed when the mouse is over the DirectNet Drive systray icon or it could be displayed in a small window (*resizable* as needed, unlike many other dialogues in Windows) which could be accessed upon right click on the systray icon (this window should by no means be "always on top", unmovable, without window title or in another way non standard; "always on top" could be optional, ideally it could be switched on from the window itself).

Best would be both possibilities: Mouse/over and an extra window. That would, hopefully, satisfy every user in all possible situations.

Besides, thanks for this nice piece of software. Let it become better and better without becoming bloated.

Re: Feature requests

Re: Feature requests

Another feature request: manage recycling bin. Cyrrently, deleting a file remove it definitely. Moving it to a recycle bin folder and managing this recycling bin folder (maximum size and so on from Windows settings) would be great!


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The program seems very stable - well done guys! Definitelly better than Netdrive!

1 - I agree with JardaP - the activity could be displayed when the mouse is over the DirectNet Drive systray icon.

2 - I wonder if some simple directory and filenames caching could be done to make it perfect?
i.e. - allow the user to select a time to cache folders structure and filenames - i.e. 10 mins and when doing so, once folders are opened, you wont try to list them again for the next 10 minutes.

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Great software! It's very easy to use and allows file streaming.

Is is possible to add a new global setting that would not display failed files, just skip it.
When a file is unreadable, dnd displays a message asking to retry or fail the file.  What I would like is to set the option in the global settings to never show that message box again and just skip failed files.



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First of all - that's a reliable and fast software.
To improve it further, the following FTP options are recommended:
1. Possibility to completely disable caching, thus always issuing LIST when needed. This option will improve performance when on fast line or when internal caching is implemented by proxy. This will also reduce errors when the folders/files are being snatched "from under the feet" on the server.
2. Don't issue unnecessary RETR or LIST commands, because not all FTP servers imlement them! Our product, for example, transmits FTP protocol over unidirectional (optical) connection. It's intended for upload only. When you change folder (CWD) or make one (MKD) and "server" returns OK, don't try to verify that by listing folder content. Just trust the server, that it knows what it does.
3. Enable the mapped drive to be shared by windows.

Thank you.

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Alexander, thanks for feedback!
The 3rd point is rather difficult to implement (additional study is needed). However 1-2 features are just necessary customizations and will be considered for adding.

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I've seen that the file dndsvc.exe seems to be a command line utility. Is there somewhere a list of commands we can use with command line?

Thanks for your software smile

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The ability to auto-fail when it can't access a file. I know you can tell it to always fail for this file, but I mean just fail every time. Maybe pop up a dialog saying as such. It's currently locking up explorer when I am trying to browse the remote filesys